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Three-time Grammy nominees and San Antonio, Texas-born quartet, NOTHING MORE return with their highly awaited 8th album CARNAL, scheduled for release on June 28th. The album features 15 songs with introspective philosophical lyrics with unapologetically massive anthems. Since their emergence in 2003, Nothing More has earned rock radio chart history with #1 singles with both "This is the Time (Ballast)" and "Go To War" and already has seven Active Rock Radio Top-10 singles in their repertoire. "CARNAL" further proves their expertise in the rock genre and beyond.
Nothing More - Carnal [Digipak]
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Cleveland death metal legends-in-waiting 200 Stab Wounds have returned with Manual Manic Procedures, a superlative sophomore effort that follows 2021’s Slave to the Scalpel, their tour de force debut. The new album is a brutal slab of old school death metal with a contemporary edge. Not for the faint-hearted, Manual Manic Procedures may well be the album that puts classic gore-themed ferocity back into the metal community’s collective consciousness. The band's debut, "Slave to the Scalpel" saw 200 Stab Wounds insinuate themselves into the minds of extreme metal fans, leading to praise from Pitchfork for their “unpretentious brilliance, pitch-black sense of humor” and an “aesthetic [that’s] built around a chugging, groovy riff that stomps down a path of destruction.” Manual Manic Procedures sees the band upping the ante both musically and lyrically. Ultimately, for 200 Stab Wounds, it’s all about creating art that they enjoy. “I know that if we like it, our fans will like it,” says Buhl. “That's really all that matters to us. And if we keep touring, it's just gonna get bigger and bigger. Then everyone's happy, far as I'm concerned.” The songs on Manual Manic Procedures are not safe for work – perhaps unsafe most anywhere. But that’s its dark charm in a world where even heavy music can play it too safely. 200 Stab Wounds have crafted Manual Manic Procedures for themselves and like-minded brethren: thrill-seekers, carnage cravers, horror fans, and aficionados of the most extreme metal. Above all, 200SW created a future death metal classic.

200 Stab Wounds - Manual Manic Procedures [CD]

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