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Superstar Destroyer
Artist: Genocide Super Stars
Format: CD
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For once, perhaps, a careful and considered minding of the bollocks is in order.In fact, given the vital role the cojones play in the music of Genocide Superstars,a Swedish quartet specializing in traditional punk rock, such an examinationmight be the only way to gain even a partial understanding of the ensemble.Certainly, on Superstar Destroyer, the band's latest release, itis the nuggies that call the shots.
While Genocide Superstars incorporate myriad musical styles, including punkrock, metal, metal, and punk rock, into their approach, they take little apparentinterest in those musical traditions—black metal and death metal—whichdominate their homeland. Instead, they set their gaze toward the British Islesand the United States. Even a partial audit of "Embraced" indicatesthat the grand English grindcore tradition figures prominently here, thanksto guitarist/vocalist Mieszko Tararczyk, aka Mierre Mongo, also a member ofthe estimable grindcore trio Nasum. And it is the sturdy metallic hardcore ofDischarge, and the even sturdier devil-may-care rock of Motorhead, that largelyinform the metal side of their strategem.

American music, ranging from the Sick of It All-influenced singalong stylingsof "Descent" to the Orange County-flavored "Outlaw Song,"plays a role here as well. One can even detect faint strains of the New YorkDolls and the Dictators at times. And guitar solos hearken back to that mostAmerican of times, when "rock" was usually followed by "and roll."Even the style of socializing the Superstars espouse is distinctly American.One suspects that provisions for a party hosted by the band would consist ofthe following: four large pizzas, four cases of beer, four bags of cannabis,a number of wrestling videos—and whatever they provided for their guests.

"But what about the bollocks," you ask? Consider the evidence. They'reeverywhere on Superstar Destroyer. And they're large. Yes. Verylarge indeed. To wit, these fellows rock furiously.
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