Magnolia Thunderpussy

Delirium Cordia
Artist: Fantomas
Format: CD
New: Available $7.99 Used: Available

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Much like 1999's Fantomas (a record divided into comic book "pages") and 2001's The Directors Cut (a collection of film soundtrack covers), the latest from this noise-rock supergroup smacks of conceptual narcissism. Delirium Cordia is comprised of exactly one song, an oblique 55-minute collage of ambient sound snippets smothered beneath tons of tape hiss and punctuated occasionally by bursts of crushing white-knuckle noise. The group's cut-and-paste technique creates some small, intermittently fascinating peaks, though the cold, humorless vibe that pulses throughout Delirium Cordia suggests that Mike Patton and company may have divested themselves from the process halfway through the recording session. Well, there's a little humor: Fant^omas mysteriously becomes "Grooverider" when you rip the disc to an mp3 file. For Patton completists only.

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