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Various Artists
West of Memphis:
Voices For Justice

West of Memphis: Voices for Justice is music from and inspired by West of Memphis, a documentary written and directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Amy Berg. West of Memphis tells the story behind an extraordinary and desperate fight to bring the truth to light -- a fight to stop the State of Arkansas from killing an innocent man. Henry Rollins and Johnny Depp each lend their voices to read excerpts from Damien Echols' letters from death row recited over the breathtaking Nick Cave / Warren Ellis score featured in the film. Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, chose to include a hauntingly beautiful cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother." "Satellite" by Eddie Vedder was written for Lorri Davis, Damien Echols' wife. Artists such as Lucinda Williams, Band of Horses, Patti Smith, Citizen Cope, Tonto's Giant Nuts featuring Johnny Depp and others each have particular stories behind the songs that represent them on this collection. Your purchase of this album will in part directly benefit the West Memphis 3.
Fiction Family
Fiction Family Reunion
Rock Ridge

This second full-length partnership of Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Fiction Family Reunion, sees two distinctive artists offering up their blend of folk, pop, and songcraft. Foreman and Watkins became friends at their hometown festival, San Diego's famed Street Scene. Convening at Switchfoot's Spot X Studio in Carlsbad, CA for a series of sessions, the band produced themselves, keeping it intimate and organic. The first single "Up Against the Wall" notes the influence of The Band's "The Weight," as Fiction Family's attempt to find that same DNA.
On And On
Roll Call
After smashing everything they knew to pieces, On and On pulled themselves together around Give In – the band’s ten-track debut album. Give In is a dream-washed textural journey armed with a biting perspective on life, love, and the commonality of loss. It is an affair that sizzles with electricity and calls one in with its unnerved openness. In the studio, On and On explored its natural chemistry and honed a new sound using synthesizers, scattershot electro beats and ambient ear candy to give the guitars, bass and drums a ghostly sheen. This "Rip it up and start again" approach proves On and On to be a band with unbridled creativity. Here's hoping their next move is equally as compelling.
Us Alone
Arts & Crafts

Hayden is back with Us Alone -- an album that marks a new beginning for the mysterious singer-songwriter who was inspired to return to writing and take things more seriously after -- of all things -- being informed by a fan that his Wikipedia page listed him as deceased. Since his emergence from Toronto's burgeoning alternative scene with 1995's now iconic Everything I Long For, Hayden has intrigued, both for his highly introspective personality and musical independence. Those skills and tendencies are again showcased on Us Alone -- a sonically rich, beautifully textured return to form. Lyrically, Hayden also continues his strength in crafting stories that will range from the highly autobiographical ("Almost Everything") to strangely unsettling ("Just Give Me A Name"), and goes as far as leaving specific direction of what to do with his body when he dies ("Instructions")... But let’s hope his next album isn’t a will. Check it out.
Beautiful Creatures
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Water Tower Music
Beautiful Creatures: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the companion to the film directed by Oscar-nominee Richard LaGravenese. The film is based on the first novel in the best-selling Castor Chronicles series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The music was recorded in Abbey Road’s famed Studio 2 (where a little band called The Beatles used to work) with a 54-piece orchestra. The Soundtrack features original score by thenewno2, led by Grammy Award winner (and Beatle progeny) Dhani Harrison, three-time Grammy Award winner Paul Hicks and composer Jonathan Sadoff. It also includes two unreleased songs in the film from thenewno2: "Run To Me" -- featuring Ben Harper and Liela Moss of sexy British psych-rockers, The Duke Spirit, and “Never Too Late (which also features Ms. Moss). The music of Beautiful Creatures is a melody-driven soundscape that infuses electronica and modern rock with a Southern Gothic sultriness. Sexy and mysterious, it’s a place you’ll wanna visit again and again.
Matt Pond
The Lives Inside
The Lines In Your Hand

BMG Chrysalis
With the his album, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, Matt Pond is stepping forward with striking honesty and humbling optimism and delivers his strongest work to date. And with this transformative record comes some distinct changes- removing the ‘PA’ that has accompanied his name for nearly a decade. His final frontier is to "run wild within our clear blue minds" ( as he sings on "Human Beings"). The graceful departure gives Matt Pond both the freedom from, and acceptance of the limitations of being alive. The result is The Lives Inside the Lines in your Hand -- an upbeat antidote to the pessimistic shift in the collective consciousness. It’s an ode to the bittersweet reality that we are human, we are finite, and we are flawed. But in each song on this album, Matt Pond sources the beauty in all of it, even when it’s not pretty, and delivers an indie rock album that’s brimming with authenticity.
Light Up Gold
What's Your Rupture

Parquet Courts are a New York band – but don’t that turn you off. Throw out the countless shallow Brooklyn bands of the blasé 2000's: Light Up Gold is a conscious effort to draw from the rich culture of the city - the bands like Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, and the Velvet Underground that are not from New York, but of it. A panoramic landscape of dilapidated corner-stores and crowded apartments is superimposed over bare-bones Americana, leaving little room for romance or sentiment. It's punk, it's American, it's New York... it's the color of something you were looking for. They just better hope Pavement doesn’t beat them up for ripping of their album designs... Or, for that matter, Mark E. Smith.
The Wonder Years
Sleeping on Trash
No Sleep Records

What was originally a one-off song written by a group of bored suburban kids from Philly turned into a five-year plan none of them were expecting. Call it the ultimate after-school project. With only the intent and purpose of taking that one song and infecting it on everyone they knew, this ragtag group of “socially awkward" musicians called The Wonder Years found themselves in the middle of a burgeoning -- wait for it -- career. The Wonder Years have come a long way from piggybacking their friends’ shows in Philly with that one initial song to sharing stages with the likes of New Found Glory, Set Your Goals and Comeback Kid. Oh, and Boyz II Men. That growth (and the shenanigans in-between) is dutifully corralled on Sleeping on Trash: A Collection of Songs Recorded 2005-2010 -- an 18 track epic featuring various rarities, original demos, covers, and more. Feeling a little snotty? You’ve found yr soundtrack.
Psychic Friend
My Rocks Are Dreams
Will Schwartz wrote My Rocks Are Dreams tunes for the express purpose it would become the debut album of Psychic Friends. That seems a kind of mild statement, but considering Schwartz's musical work ethic, it's a valid point: Not only has he been a founding member of indie tour-de-force, Imperial Teen for the past 15 years, he also owns and operates another notable incarnation, Hey Willpower. My Rocks Are Dreams rolls out a repertoire so rife with pop gems that it's hard to choose favorites, so it's only right that it would need it's own space. When asked whether the band name was a nod to a real psychic friend, Schwartz says, "I liked the idea of making music being like a Psychic Friend. It's like channeling that unspoken magical place and manifesting it as a song. I also thought the name sounded cute and cheeky and could also refer to musical collaboration, so, the answer is no, but nonetheless an intriguing take on songwriting." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
Much has happened between the release of Real Estate’s critically-acclaimed album, Gorilla Manor, and the fresh release of Hummingbird. From rave reviews to brilliant television performances, Gorilla Manor launched the band onto the global stage, saw them headlining theaters throughout America and Europe, opening for bands like Arcade Fire and The National. Upon their return home from the road, the band built out a rehearsal space and studio in an abandoned bungalow in Silverlake, allowing them to write and experiment extensively with new sounds and arrangements. In the two years following Gorilla Manor's release, Real Estate experienced the highest highs and some pretty devastating personal lows -- and Hummingbird was created from the emotional framework of being stretched between two opposite poles. But don’t let that scare you off: Hummingbird carries with it not just a melodic richness, but a quality of catharsis and grace. This is an album meant to be examined and, ultimately, enjoyed.

Local Natives-

Frenchkiss Records
Coheed and Cambria's sixth and (now) seventh studio albums comprise a double-concept album entitled, The Afterman. Musically, The Afterman: Ascension sees the band perfecting their powerhouse progressive rock, soul and even pop landscapes. This dual release also marks the return of original drummer Josh Eppard, who the band parted ways with in 2006, bringing with him his benchmark percussive grooves. Coheed and Cambria self-financed and co-produced The Afterman, alongside Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner, who produced the band's first three albums, in Woodstock, NY. The album was mixed by Rich Costey (Muse, The Shins, Foster the People) and Ryan Williams (30 Seconds To Mars). What’s more: Word on the street is that The Afterman is going to become a feature film...

Coheed and Cambria -
The Afterman: Descension

Ambassador Music/Hundred Handed Inc/Everything Evil
Ben Harper has teamed with renowned harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite to create Get Up! -- a piercing song-cycle of struggle and heart. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Harper, Get Up! is his 12th studio album and first new recording since 2011's Give Till It's Gone. A striking mix of blues, gospel, roots and R&B, Get Up! features ten vivid musical character studies, skillfully rendered in cinematic detail, all written or co-written by Harper. Charlie Musselwhite’s searing point/counter-point harmonica accentuates Harper’s vocals throughout Get Up!, tying its songs together into a cohesive musical whole. The band, including Jason Mozersky, guitar; Jesse Ingalls, bass; Jordan Richardson, drums; along with Ben Harper on vocals, guitar and slide guitar; plays with economical grit, lending the songs true understanding and authority. And just check out that cover: Those are some bad lookin’ mofos... And Get Up! sounds as cool as they look. Dig.

Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite -
Get Up!


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