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The Vaccines
Come Of Age

Last year The Vaccines asked, What Did You Expect? But their rather sedate debut left many unconvinced that they were worthy of the buzz and hysteria that heralded their arrival. Since that first effort they’ve weathered some unnecessary posho jibes, bouts of illness and the constant, and dreary, debate about the relevance of their Strokes and Arctic Monkeys-inspired indie rock in a post-xx sonic landscape. Have they single-handedly saved guitar music? Sigh... no. Instead, they’ve stuck to their guns and bashed out killer show after killer show, taken on a handful of interesting collaborations (with R. Stevie Moore and The Horrors, among others) and, somehow, found the time to write and record a new album. On Coming of Age the delivery is more creative and the four-piece sound more invigorated and inspired than ever. So inspired that 3 extra songs have found their way onto a bonus CD that you can only get at our shop. Weren’t expecting that were ya?
Old 97's
Too Far To Care

Since 1993, the Old 97’s have made their way through nine albums, a few compilations, and numerous legendary live shows, all while maintaining their original line-up. This year, the Old 97’s are celebrating the 15th Anniversary of their major label debut, Too Far To Care with a series of special editions. The 2-CD set includes the remastered original album plus four session outtakes on disc one and a second disc of original pre-album demos featuring some never-before-heard material. Additionally, a 2-LP set of the original album makes its vinyl debut, with the four session outtakes, which are also on disc one of the CD. The first pressing of 1,500 will be released as a limited edition on translucent aqua-colored vinyl with an open-ended black vinyl pressing to follow.
Smoke & Jackal
EP No. 1
EP NO.1 marks the first collaboration between Jared Followill (Kings of Leon) and Nick Brown (Mona). Followill and Brown began recording as Smoke & Jackal earlier this year, fueled by multiple bottles of red wine and a shared fascination with timbre, rhythm, and aural adventure. They set to work at Brown's Nashville home studio and before the first evening was through, the duo had crafted both "No Tell" and the stunning psychedelic slow jam, "Fall Around." The two musicians immediately understood they had created something special, an evocative and original melding of oceanic rock with bottomless grooves and hypnotic dub textures. Just over one week later, EP NO.was complete. Smoke & Jackal's EP NO.1 is the sound of two talented friends allowing their music to freely go places no one could have anticipated.

No-one ever said it was going to be easy. But nothing worth having comes without a fight. So you roll with the punches. You stay focussed, stay on point. Biding your time, until the time is right. Knowing that soon your day will come. For Gallows, that time is now. Described, variously, as 'The best British punk band since The Clash' and 'The British music industry's biggest mistake', the Hertfordshire hardcore crew first emerged from the fecund UK underground punk scene in 2005. Inspired by Refused, At The Drive-In, JR Ewing and Swing Kids, their ferocious, feral 2006 debut Orchestra Of Wolves offered a harsh, unflinching dissection of suffocating suburban mores, shot through with images of small-town violence, desperation and disgust. Its follow-up, 2009's apocalyptic Grey Britain is even darker. But Gallows is a document of a band that, despite ups and downs, isn’t backing away from the raw power that’s made them infamous across the pond. Time for us yanks to catch up.
Jamey Johnson
Living For A Song:
A Tribute To Hank Cochran
Mercury Nashville
When word got out that acclaimed Nashville artist Jamey Johnson was recording a tribute album to beloved songwriter Hank Cochran, musical superstars clamored to participate. ”When we were talking about who to call, people just kind of presented themselves,” Johnson says. I think the word got out after awhile, and we were getting phone calls from people wanting to do it. There weren t a whole lot of arms that needed twisting.” The resulting cast, plus the brilliant and timeless Cochran songs, make this recording one of the musical events of the year. From the ranks of the Country Music Hall of Fame came George Strait, Emmylou Harris, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Ray Price and Vince Gill, not to mention Cochran’s oldest and truest friend, Willie Nelson. Veteran stars Leon Russell, Elvis Costello, Bobby Bare and Asleep at the Wheel perform on the album alongside contemporary artists such as Alison Krauss, Lee Ann Womack and Ronnie Dunn.
Ronin around the world: A powerful and atmospheric concert recording with music captured in Germany, Austria, Holland, England, and Japan, a double-album which transmits the live impact of Nik Bartsch’s band and its enveloping modular groove music of interlocking rhythms. It’s also a set that marks the end of an era and the transition into a new one. These are the last recordings of Ronin with Bjorn Meyer’s elegantly-leaping bass guitar as one of the lead voices, and Bartsch views the album as partly a tribute to Meyer’s long tenure with the band. New bassist Thomy Jordi, meanwhile, makes an impressive entrance on “Modul 55”, but it’s most often the whole band, as a unified field of force, that commands the listener’s attention.
Small Places

Small Places is double-bassist/composer Michael Formanek’s follow-up to The Rub and Spare Change, his widely lauded ECM debut as a leader. That 2010 release garnered a rare five-star review in DownBeat magazine, while The New York Times described the disc as being graceful in its subversions, often even sumptuous. The review in Progression perhaps put it best: This type of listening experience, dense yet luminiferous, treads the tightrope between cerebral and streetwise in a damn cool way. The new album features the same powerhouse band of longtime confreres, with Formanek in seemingly telepathic league with saxophonist Tim Berne, pianist Craig Taborn and drummer Gerald Cleaver. If anything, Small Places is a step beyond this quartet’s first release, with the compositions and improvisation blending so that a listener is scarcely able to tell where one leaves off and the other begins. Earthy yet atmospheric, this is jazz alive with dark-hued melody and bone-deep rhythms, rich in dynamic possibility and the sound of surprise.

Swept Away

Swept Away sees the top-class quartet of pianist Eliane Elias, double-bassist Marc Johnson, drummer Joey Baron and saxophonist Joe Lovano commune over music that is engaging and sensual, lyrical and swinging. Brazilian-born star Elias previously joined ECM veterans Baron and Lovano on Johnson’s 2005 ECM album, Shades of Jade, which reaped praise far and wide. The New York Times enthused over the luminescence created by the close partnership between Elias and Johnson, while The Village Voice said the album was shimmering yet its lusciousness has all sorts of tensile strength. The same words suit Swept Away, which includes a brace of melody-rich Elias compositions, ranging from the easy-flowing title track to the smoky romanticism of “Be Is for Butterfly” and after-hours vibe of “It’s Time.” Johnson’s brightly grooving, Eastern-tinged “When the Sun Comes Up” is another highlight, and the album closes with Johnson’s solo bass treatment of the old American folk song Shenandoah. Swept Away is music of depth that is disarmingly easy to love.
Chrome Canyon
Elemental Themes
The future never came. The year 2000 arrived, a new millennium was born, and yet we were not greeted with hover-boards. Our computers did not sprout legs and profess to love us. Enter Chrome Canyon. If we can indeed recover yesterday’s fantasy of what tomorrow would (should) be, then Chrome Canyon is the temporal technician for the job. Chrome Canyon’s debut album, Elemental Themes. The inaugural set is blessed with solid circuitry and an organic core: Not only those analog synths, but live drums, bass, guitar and Theremin run through hand-built compressors, composed and arranged into a living, breathing whole. Elemental Themes was one of the last works mastered by Nilesh Patel, the engineer behind classic albums by the likes of Air, Bjork, and Daft Punk. The end result is something wondrously both in and out of time, and a cinematic experience without the cinema.
Various Artists
Athens, GA – Inside/Out (Soundtrack)
When the documentary Athens, GA–Inside/Out was released in 1987, it provided a peek into the town that had turned the music world upside down by producing acts like R.E.M. and The B-52’s. For those who didn’t get to see this limited-release film in the theaters (or in clips on shows like MTV’s 120 Minutes), a soundtrack LP filled with rare and unreleased music was also released to universal acclaim. A mix of interviews and live shows, Athens, GA – Inside/Out is a love letter to not only the musicians, but the town of Athens, Georgia, as well. Bands like Pylon, Flat Duo Jets, Dreams So Real, Love Tractor, and more tell their stories and play their songs. Twenty-five years later, Omnivore Recordings is proud to let everyone see and hear this remarkable piece of music history by reissuing the film on DVD and, for the first time, issuing the soundtrack on CD—all in one package. To make it even better, the CD contains five bonus tracks, including two previously unheard performances! You need this.
Coheed and Cambria's upcoming sixth and seventh studio albums will be a double-concept album entitled, The Afterman, and will be released in two separate full-length volumes. Musically, The Afterman: Ascension sees the band perfecting their powerhouse progressive rock, soul and even pop landscapes. The dual release also marks the return of original drummer Josh Eppard, who the band parted ways with in 2006, bringing with him his benchmark percussive grooves. Coheed and Cambria self-financed and co-produced The Afterman, alongside Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner, who produced the band s first 3 albums, in Woodstock, NY. The album was mixed by Rich Costey (Muse, The Shins, Foster the People) and Ryan Williams (30 Seconds To Mars). The second volume, The Afterman: Descension is slated for release in February 2013.

Coheed and Cambria -
The Aftermath: Ascension

Ambassador Music/Hundred Handed Inc
Joel Zimmerman doesn’t like being called a DJ. The 28-year-old dance music phenomenon from Toronto, better known as Deadmau5, sees that as a hopelessly outdated way of describing what he does. His sets are closer to live performances. He plays mostly his own material, assembling tracks on the fly, using cutting edge computer technology, including software he’s helped write himself. “There are no CDs involved,” he explains. “It’s a technological orgy up there and I try and keep it more my music than anyone else’s. If people come out to see Deadmau5 I want them to hear Deadmau5 music.” The title of Deadmau5’ latest album > album title goes here < will likely serve as a litmus test to record buyers – haters will imply it confirms IDM’s “lack of creativity” (an ignorant complaint levied by rockists ever since they first encountered a drum machine) while fans will revel in its linguistic anarchy. Regardless: The man is a creative force giving the kids what they want... And couldn’t the same be said for a new Foo Fighters record? Check it out.

Deadmau5 -
> album title goes here <

Mumford and Sons sure can make an entrance. When the British group took the world by storm (and surprise) a few years ago with their unique take on American Roots Music, they found lots of new fans due their exuberance, passion, and exciting live act... And few detractors who, quite frankly, just had nothing better to do. Now M & S are back with a new album called Babel and, well, they can’t wait to tell you about it: “We had started writing new songs well before we got into the studio to record. At first, we peeled ourselves off the road quite reluctantly. We love playing live, obviously, but it had also become an important part of our creative process, we had been writing and rehearsing in soundchecks, and sort of ‘road-testing’ new songs on our very gracious audiences. But then we fell in love with recording again. The album started to come together, and with the help of Markus Dravs once more (and engineer Robin Baynton), we started to relish the challenge of making this album. As a band, we’ve never been closer or more collaborative, all working to our strengths. And so we feel that this record is a natural progression that we’re proud of, and we cannot wait to take it out on the road." We’re betting you’re excited, too.

Mumford & Sons -

No Doubt has achieved a lot as a band, including releasing several multi-platinum albums (1995’s diamond-certified Tragic Kingdom, 2001’s Rock Steady, and a 2003 singles collection) and a string of chart-topping hits (“Just A Girl,” “Don’t Speak,” “Hey Baby,” “Hella Good,” “Underneath It All,” and “It’s My Life”). They’ve launched international sold-out tours, won two Grammy Awards and five MTV Video Music Awards, and were invited to perform for Paul McCartney and the President at the annual Kennedy Center Honors in 2010. Lead singer Gwen Stefani has further emerged as a global music and fashion icon. Through all the success, the band members have remained grounded by a long-standing friendship. Their natural camaraderie, not to mention the musical alchemy that occurs when these four friends reunite, is palpable throughout the band’s new album Push And Shove — a supercharged blend of ska-rock, dancehall, and electronic pop that will remind people why No Doubt has maintained its position as one of the most beloved and commercially successful acts of the past 20 years. Major Lazer guests.

No Doubt -
Push & Shove

From panoramic vistas from the peaks of stately Yorkshire ridges to drug-running ranches in the deserts of Texas, The Chevin are a band steeped in natural grandeur. They’re a band who grew up relishing the magnificent swathes of moorland stretching from York to Leeds visible from atop the hill overlooking their home town of Otley – the geological marvel after which they’re named – and instinctively destined to recreate the wonder of it in music. They demoed Borderland in the band’s makeshift studio (recordings The Chevin were so pleased with that they kept many of the original keyboard tracks for the finished album) and using them to lure in a manager, the band concentrated on perfecting their songs in rehearsal rather than playing live and opted for the increasingly fashionable approach of self-financing their debut album and approached LA producer Noah Shain early in 2011 to find them a studio as dramatic and dislocated as their music and origins required. That meant heading to a studio on the Mexican / American border where they would hone Peter Gabriel like drum sounds and huge organ-fueled epics like the title track. Fans of The Arcade Fire, Springsteen, and Morricone will find much to love in Borderland’s mountainous sound.

The Chevin -

So Recordings/Silva Screen Records

The Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) is a group of some of the best independent music stores in America. CIMS was founded in 1995; its current membership is made up of 29 accounts that handle 47 stores in 21 states. Many of the accounts have been recognized by the music industry and their local communities for their outstanding dedication to customer service and developing artist support.

Each member is bound by its shared love of music, a reputation for great selection and customer service in its community, yet each CIMS account is as unique as the market it represents. Most importantly, CIMS member stores continually seek to challenge the jaded, color-by-numbers advertising and marketing of other retailers.

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