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Outside the Heard February 2012

Outside the Heard


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Imelda May

Imelda May, born in Dublin and raised in the Liberties, may be an unknown name to some, but to many she is already a superstar. In Ireland, her debut album Love Tattoo, which she recorded and released on her own label, has gone Triple Platinum. She has shared a stage with Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, David Gilmour, Sharon Shannon, Jeff Beck, Shane Macgowan, Kirsty McCall, Van Morrison, Lionel Richie, Wanda Jackson, Paul Brady and Meatloaf. And now, with the release of her new album Mayhem, she is about to go stellar. Mayhem sees Imelda continue to develop her uniquely modern fusion of classic musical genres. The record not only showcases her exceptional songwriting ability, but also displays some more disparate influences, with first single, "Psycho," seeing Imelda channel the spirit of early PJ Harvey, whilst the heartbreakingly poignant "Kentish Town Waltz" conjures an image of Chrissie Hynde at her most reflective.
Foxy Shazam
Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam's music is an unhinged, maniacal mix of piano, guitar, howling vocals, double-kickdrum percussion, and rock & roll theatrics. The quintet hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, where bandmates Eric Nally (vocals), Loren Turner (guitar), Daisy (bass), Sky White (piano), and Joe Halberstadt (drums) first joined forces in 2004. The band’s name basically means “Nice Shoes,” which should one day be helpful to you if you play rock trivia at your local bar. The Church of Rock and Roll is glorious and occasionally harsh blend of punk, soul, Queen and a touch of AC/DC – and if that doesn’t get your motor runnin’ then you oughta break-up with your significant other and get thee to a monastery. This shizz is pure.
Tim Berne
After compelling contributions to ECM discs by David Torn and Michael Formanek, here is Tim Berne's first leader-date for the label -- not to mention his first studio record in 8 years. Snakeoil introduces a fascinating, chamber-like ensemble -- albeit one that packs some power. Snakeoil merges Berne’s original compositional style and with his avant-garde leanings -- pitting Tim’s clear alongside Oscar Noriega’s earthy clarinets, Mat Mitchell’s cryptic piano, and Ches Smith’s tone-conscious percussion. Two years of wood-shedding preceded the recording of Snakeoil at New York’s Avatar Studios early in 2011 -- and this recording features a band ready to roar. You need this.
Giovanna Pessi
If Grief Could Wait
If Grief Could Wait is an intimate album of very special character: A collaboration between harpist Giovanna Pessi and singer Susanna Wallumrød. Given impetus also by the nyckelharpa of Marco Ambrosini and Jane Achtman's viola da gamba, the project has Pessi's arrangements of Henry Purcell songs at its core. But Purcell's music has never been heard quite like this. Threaded between his songs and instrumental pieces here are works of singer-songwriters Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake, as well as songs by Susanna Wallumrød herself. "If Grief Could Wait" is neither a project that adheres rigorously to ideals of historical performance practice, nor one that strives self-consciously to "cross over." Pessi and Wallumrød offer music that they love, and all of it is played with commitment by the participating musicians. Purcell and Cohen are respected on their own terms, and Susanna's pure voice and Giovanna's subtle and evocative arrangements bring continuity to the repertoire.
Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Revered Parisian electronic duo Air (Nicolas Godin and JB Dunckel) were asked to compose an original score for the restored version of the classic 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon) by Georges Méliès. This new album is the fully realized outcome of that collaboration. Georges Méliès is one of the central characters in Martin Scorsese's new blockbuster hit Hugo and his life and work (including the iconic A Trip To The Moon) is attracting a whole new wave of interest as a result. Features vocals and lyrics by Victoria Legrand of Beach House on "Seven Stars" and Au Revoir Simone on "Who Am I Now?". Le Voyage Dans La Lune is available as a STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION CD+DVD package, that includes the new album + a DVD of the newly restored, colorized film featuring Air’s s original score.
Tord Gustavsen Quartet
The Well
Two years after this well-traveled combo made their recording debut with Restored, Returned, The Well finds the Tord Gustavsen Quartet reaching a new plateau thanks to this latest batch of Tord originals. Sax player Tore Brunborg is given an important voice here -- his melodic lines fusing bluesy sonorities with Nordic cries. Gently, but effectively propelled by the subtle pulses of drummer Jarle Vespestad and bassist Mats Eilertsen, Gustavsen’s gospel-tinged, unhurried piano playing displays charismatic warmth and tenderness. Another amazing addition to the ECM label’s outstanding catalog, The Well is an assurance that the future of Jazz is good hands.
Grace Woodroofe
Always Want
Born in Perth, Australia, Grace Woodroofe is about to take the music scene by storm. The indie-blues chanteuse's demo was placed in the capable hands of Ben Harper, by none other than the late great Heath Ledger, and it was love at first listen. Ben Harper quickly led her into the studio, and Always Want was born. With a live show described by the LA Weekly as 'powerful, dynamic and striking', Grace has spent the last two years perfecting her live show. She was recruited by Harper to open for his North American tour in 2009, and has played many a festival, including Byron Bay's own East Coast Blues and Roots Festival and Perth's Ellington Jazz Festival. With a deep, honeyed huskiness, Grace creates amazing tales of life, youth, love and death. Woodroofe is wise beyond her years and has the stage presence of a seasoned performer. In the words of Mr. Ben Harper himself, "You are not going to believe this girl."
While many a musician is often asked about the tunes that have influenced their songwriting, it is not a question Paul McCartney ordinarily gets to answer - until now. With Kisses on the Bottom, Paul is about to offer a glimpse into "the songs which inspired the songs" with the upcoming release of a brand new album of those standards he grew up listening to in his childhood-plus two brand new McCartney compositions. With the help of Grammy Award-winning producer Tommy LiPuma and Diana Krall and her band-as well as guest appearances from Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder (who appear on the original compositions "My Valentine" and "Only Our Hearts,” respectively), Kisses on the Bottom is a deeply personal journey through classic American compositions that, in some cases, a young Paul first heard his father perform on piano at home. As authentic and daring a musical statement as he could make, this is the album Paul has been thinking about making for more than 20 years - and probably the last thing his fans are expecting. "In the end it was 'Look, if I don't do it now, I'll never do it'," he says.  Kisses on the Bottom was recorded at the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, New York and London throughout 2011. All the takes are live. All the songs are classics.

Paul McCartney
Kisses On The Bottom

Hear Music
Kathleen Edwards’ long-awaited new album, Voyageur, is less of a departure than it is a journey, and like any transforming trip, it demands that we let go of any preconceptions about the destination. These songs are the perfect travel companions to their own haunted landscape. Edwards guides us through a house full of empty rooms, revealing the sadness behind a public smile and the numbness that follows broken expectations and the casual cruelties of love, until we find ourselves softly drifting down to hell with her. And yet, this isn’t a bummer ride at all — it’s elevating. In fact, Voyageur is a transitional album marking the first time that Edwards has ever tried to write with others. Now listen: Much is being made about Justin Vernon’s (a.k.a. Mr.. Bon Iver) influence on this album – especially as both produced the album and is romantically entangled with Ms. Edwards. This is all well and cool and gives Voyageur some unexpected twists, but what’s also exciting (and not nearly mentioned enough) is that John Roderick of The Long Winters co-wrote many of these songs (You should check them out). Voyageur is the sound of Edwards flinging herself towards bold new horizons. She’s also as feisty as ever – and you should really come along for the ride.

Kathleen Edwards

Hello youngster. I know reading words on a printed page already poses quite a formidable challenge for both your young eyes and attention span so, assuming you’re still reading this, let me, your omniscient narrator, be the first to commend you for sticking around. You know, Dear Record Buyer, things change every day. For instance, take Van Halen. In the beginning they were fronted by the ever-charismatic David Lee Roth – an enigmatic genius who seamlessly merged Rock and Roll attitude with an old-fashioned showbiz flair. The world loved him... But the rest of Van Halen didn’t. Then Sammy Hagar came in, made a few records that divided fans but made so much money that Hagar could retire from rock and focus solely on making margaritas. Let’s not even discuss the third singer. But time heals all wounds, young friend, and now David Lee Roth and the rest of Van Halen are friendly once more. Here in the future we have the ability to visit virtually every era of music... And as you use that power to understand the power of Van Halen’s “Diamond Dave” era, you will understand why A Different Kind of Truth. Is a cause for celebration.

Van Halen
A Different Kind of Truth

Interscope Records

The Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) is a group of some of the best independent music stores in America. CIMS was founded in 1995; its current membership is made up of 29 accounts that handle 47 stores in 21 states. Many of the accounts have been recognized by the music industry and their local communities for their outstanding dedication to customer service and developing artist support.

Each member is bound by its shared love of music, a reputation for great selection and customer service in its community, yet each CIMS account is as unique as the market it represents. Most importantly, CIMS member stores continually seek to challenge the jaded, color-by-numbers advertising and marketing of other retailers.

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