Magnolia Thunderpussy

Alright Thunderpussys,

I’m sure you all already know tomorrow

is the first of three Record Store Days.

We’re opening with everything ready to go at 9 AM.

We’re going to try to let a few people in at a time in order to ensure social distancing.

We’ll be handing out numbers so you can wait in your cars until we call your group of numbers on our social media channels.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram stories for more info. We'll also be announcing numbered groups on our twitter.

This RSD is unlike any other.

We’re gonna play it cool and do our best to get you what you’re looking for.

Priority number one though is keeping everybody safe and healthy.

Along with staggered entry, shorter lines and extra cleaning in-between groups,

we ask that you please wear your best mask and sanitize your hands to help out.

There have been some last minute changes to tomorrow’s releases and, unfortunately,

no one seems to have gotten everything they ordered this time.

Normally, we’re not allowed to sell any of these RSD titles on the internet until the next day

but this year the powers that be over at RSD HQ are letting you

order anything we have left in stock at 1pm on Thunderpussy.com.

We can’t wait for this trial run of the new Record Store Day and to see you all tomorrow!


Magnolia Thunderpussy