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David Guetta
One More Love
Already riding high with the Top 40 summer smash "When Loves Takes Over" feat. Kelly Rowland, French artist / producer / DJ David Guetta returns with a trendsetting new album One Love. With guest appearances by a stellar cast of A-listers including Akon, will.i.am and apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas, Estelle, Kid Cudi, Ne-Yo, Novel, Kelly Rowland, and David's longtime vocal collaborator Chris Willis, One Love is an ambitious, ingeniously crafted opus that sets forth nothing less than a bold and beautiful manifesto for the global pop and dance audience, blurring the lines between urban and electronic styles along the way. One Love also features an exclusive David Guetta remix edit of the Black Eyed Peas #1 smash hit "I Gotta Feeling". Shit went to number 1 in Belguim, too, so you know that this record was made to bump. Viva la France! (Now with BONUS TRACKS!!!)
Flying Lotus

When global bass music matriarch Mary Anne Hobbs recently told The Fader "Flying Lotus, for me, is like the Hendrix of his generation'', it seemed more than an audacious opinion... And with the arrival of Cosmogramma, it's revealed as a revelation. In the past couple of years since his debut album, Los Angeles, Flying Lotus has grown into the position of being far more than a producer, he has helped materialize a far-reaching strain of musical ideology that has encompassed not only a global family of like-minded artists, but also a nearly infinite palate of planetary (and interplanetary) sonics. No longer simply an outgrowth of Flying Lotus' machines, the music here is also the product of live instrumentalists from the worlds that Cosmogramma engages. There's the constant bass presence of Thundercat, a cornerstone of Sa-Ra Creative; there's Rebekah Raff's harp connecting the dots between the music of Harry Partch and Ghostface Killah (both of which she's performed); there's an appearance by the tenor sax of Steven's cousin and jazz royalty, Ravi Coltrane, and by the voice of one Thom Yorke, an Oxford bloke taking respite from singing in the most influential rock band of the 21st century. Quite simply: You need this.
David Lowery
The Palace Guards
429 Records / Savoy

David Lowery, co-founder, frontman and guitarist of country psychedelic rockers Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven presents The Palace Guards, his witty, lyrically clever and incisive, musically eclectic (and, in some ways, 27 years in the making!) solo debut. “It’s very much a studio project geared around making the unique contributions of all the musicians involved come across,” says Lowery. “On other projects, the craziness of the demos doesn’t come across in the finished tracks. But here, there was nothing stopping us. I felt like a mad scientist holed up in the studio, being my naturally introverted self, developing songs that no one else would sing, working with some amazing musicians. Because of my busy schedule with Cracker and Camper, this took several years to complete, but in many ways, it was the easiest record I’ve ever made. It was all about letting my own personality shine through in the songs--pure self indulgence!”
The Jayhawks
Tomorrow The Green Grass

Forging a rootsy sound that wasn't quite rock or country The Jayhawks quickly turned into one of the most important bands of the Y’allternative Nation. Though Hollywood Town Hall is beloved breakthrough, it’s Tomorrow The Green Grass that holds the top spot for many a Jayhawks fan. The specter of Neil Young and Gram Parsons (naturally) loom large, but Tomorrow The Green Grass features moments of soaring, harmony-fueled glory--particularly “Blue” and “Miss Williams’ Guitar” -- that leave those aforementioned forbearers in the dust. This 2011 Legacy Edition of Tomorrow The Green Grass has been remastered and expanded with several sought-after bonus tracks. Disc 1 features the original tracklisting with 5 additional bonus tracks including non-album b-sides and previously unreleased tracks. Disc 2, The Mystery Demos, features 18 tracks recorded by Mark Olson and Gary Louris in 1992. Hollywood Town Hall has gotten similar treatment and is also highly recommended.
Hundred in the Hands
Hundred in the Hands
The Hundred in the Hands is an album of deceptively complex pop songs which hark back to the dance music of NYC's storied underground. Where their recent EP feels like a summertime pop dream, THITH's album conjures the spirit of downtown's mutant disco scene as made legendary by clubs like the Paradise Garage. Named after the phrase the Lakota Nation gave to the Fetterman Battle/Massacre of 1866 in Wyoming -- in which Crazy Horse led his warriors to a victory that resulted in the death of 100 white soldiers -- THITH's fuses synth pop with post-punk and dream pop elements, making for a sound that's equally danceable and dreamy. Time Out New York says "The Hundred in the Hands' music springs from that sliver of the early '80s in which pop was personal, arty and potentially angry," while Brooklyn Vegan calls their EP "a bit post-punky, a bit shoegaze-y but sounds like now. And you can dance to it."
Duane Stephenson
Black Gold

Duane Stephenson is a musician’s musician with strong songwriting skills and a distinctive voice.. Stephenson’s debut album, August Town from 2007, was heralded as one of the year’s best. His affiliation with singer Tarrus Riley and subsequent 2008 tour showcased Duane’s talents for appreciative fans around the globe. On stage as on record, Duane’s abilities and developed musical taste go beyond his years. His musical apprenticeship with producer Dean Fraser has provided a platform for this unique and compelling solo artist. Black Gold is political, mournful and real, expanding the boundaries of contemporary roots reggae The new album features appearances by Queen Ifrica, Ras Shiloh and Gramps Morgan on the first single “Rescue Me”. There’s plenty of dubby echo, sure, but Stephenson’s voice is the real star here--a exalting, soulful instrument with an emotional range that would put most contemporary RnB singers to shame. Black Gold is great for both deep and casual reggae fans. Check it out!
Girl in a Coma
Adventures in Coverland
On Adventures In Coverland, Girl In A Coma explore some of the songs that influenced them during their formative years, recording songs by Ritchie Valens, Selena, The Beatles, Joy Division, Patsy Cline, David Bowie, Velvet Underground and Buffalo Springfield along with two bonus Girl In A Coma originals. Whether headlining their own club dates or touring in support of one of their idols, former Smiths' frontman, Morrissey these ladies are constantly crisscrossing the states and have built a following in both North and South America, and Europe. Adventures In Coverland is a wonderful primer to learn some of the songs and further understand the musical heritage and influences that have shaped Girl In A Coma. You should also check out the lovingly packaged 7” singles from whence this album came!
New Politics
New Politics
New Politics have a motto: "F**k it." It's kind of a crass, apathetic motto. But for the Copenhagen band it doesn't mean giving up. It means taking chances--something they do with reckless abandon. For instance, when the band was on the verge of signing with RCA in November, they realized "If we're going to become insanely famous in the U.S. we might want to actually live there." So the three musicians packed up their instruments and recording gear, said "F**k it" and moved into a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The trick, as the band will tell you, is not to spend too much time worrying about the technical aspects of the music. Just play it with energy and passion, say "F**k it and everything else will take care of itself eventually. So if you have a taste for reckless abandon (not to mention The Beastie Boys, The White Stripes, and, uh, Fun Loving Criminals) then New Politics might be your favorite album ever.
Hayes Carll
(& other American stories)
Lost Highway Records

Hayes Carll hasn't been resting on his laurels since topping critics polls and winning awards for his amazing 2008 album, Trouble in Mind. Instead, he's been on the road nearly nonstop with his band, "The Poor Choices" blasting through honky tonks and rock clubs across the U.S. and beyond. Along the way, he's been inspired to write a crop of new tunes that the acclaimed songwriter says are "a layman's take on our country - a snapshot of America in some small way." The result: the sharply drawn collection KMAG YOYO (& Other American Stories) [kay-mag, yo-yo]. "I wanted to challenge myself musically," says Carll, "And see if I could capture that live dynamic.” A lot of the songs came with the music first, with the music calling the lyrics. The band had developed little bit of swagger by the time they hit the studio, which was part of what Carll wanted to capture. “We'd been out on the road for a couple years and were sounding good together,” says Carll. “Combining that with some timely songs, I think we came up with something special."
Since their modest beginnings as four guys who drove around southern California with their gear in their cars, packing whatever they could steal a space, Cold War Kids have always exhibited two qualities in their music: Intense passion and emotional truth. Lithe and percussive, roaring and tuneful, the soul-punk on the Long Beach quartet's first two albums Robbers & Cowards and Loyalty To Loyalty emerged like miniature goth novels. Singer Nathan Willett channeled taut dramas of men on the edge, families in peril, and crises of faith. The musical literature of these four tight-knit friends-Willett, Jonnie Russell, Matt Maust and Matt Aveiro was a sound that augured something bigger, something more universal, and Mine Is Yours continues that upward trajectory -- albeit grounded in the realities of growing up whether one likes it or not: "I got home from tour and realized I was married. All my friends had either jumped in the deep end of a relationship or had drowned. says Willett. "We fought growing up but the wild nights and free-for-all caught up to us. Some people got out in time and others had permanent damage. For this record, I wrote about the joys and failures of commitment all around me." But once you hear Mine Is Yours you'll never wanna quit it.

Cold War Kids -
Mine Is Yours

Downtown / DGC / Interscope

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