Thicker Than Water [Vinyl]

Thicker Than Water [Vinyl]

Artist: Jack Johnson

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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/20/2015
UPC: 602547506443


1. Moonshine (Side A)
2. Rainbow (Side A)
3. Finley Quaye (Side A)
4. Hobo Blues (Side A)
5. Relate To Me (Side A)
6. The Cove (Side A)
7. Holes To Heaven (Side A)
8. Dark Water & Stars (Side A)
9. My Guru (Side B)
10. Honor and Harmony (Side B)
11. Liver Splash (Side B)
12. Underwater Love (Side B)
13. Thicker Than Water (Side B)
14. Witchi Tai To (Side B)

More Info:

Those who know Jack Johnson only as college radio fave are in for a pleasant surprise here, as are wave-riding aficionados with a taste for eclectic, cooled-out musical vibes. The project Surfer magazine hailed as 2000's Video of the Year was originally a collaboration between surfing champ/then-USC film student Johnson and school colleagues Chris and Dan Malloy. But Johnson also gratifyingly took the opportunity to prove that 'surf music' is purely a subjective term; indeed, electric instruments are few and far between here, let alone the traditional buzzsaw licks of such genre stalwarts as Dick Dale and Gary Hoey. Instead, Johnson has stitched together an organically focused, acoustic-centered collection that would seem as welcome on a shady creek bank as a sunny, wave-lapped beach. Johnson offers up an acoustic take of his sophomore album's 'Holes to Heaven' and the sprightly instrumentals 'Moonshine' and 'Cove,' while longtime associate G. Love duets on the spare, rootsy 'Rainbow.' Love and band Special Sauce also contribute the even grittier instrumental 'Hobo Blues' and laconic 'Honor and Harmony.' But its also a collection that ventures as far afield as The Meters' 70's-funky 'Liver Splash'., Finley Quaye's spare soul, the folk-raga of Kalyanji/Anadji's 'My Guru' and the spacey, haunting 'Dark Water and Stars' by Natural Calamity.